Sharing Our Creative Gifts

We are made in the image of God...God is creative!


Just consider the beauty all around us in each other!

We are fearfully and wonderfully made as the bible tells us in Psalms 139:14

Please share with us the creative gifts God has placed in you. Art work, music, woodwork, poetry, your garden, a sewing project, a recipe, an inventive solution to a practical problem, sculpture, pottery, photography...ANYTHING!

Send us a photo, a written explanation or link to a video of what you have created.

Using your creative gifts glorifies your Heavenly Father

Thanks in advance for sharing ....

"Morning Light" photograph by Joka

"Morning Light" Photograph by Joka Wright

Tracing the Finger Print of God - a book by Ray Phillips

"Tracing the Finger Print of God"
a book by Ray Phillips

Leather and Wood Craft
by Wayne Bergman

Mixed Media Artwork
by Krista Maurer

God’s Family Tree

In the Seed of the Promise was God’s family tree
All the children of God generations set free
Deeply rooted in Christ’s love it’s almost full grown
And the Hope of His Glory will soon be full known

God’s Family Tree - macrame and poem by Bev

God’s Family Tree - Macramé and poem by Bev Reid

Creative Gifts photo

Nature Collage by Bonny Shotropa

He Danced


like silken strands



to weave their way

and knit

the hearts

of humanity

in love


they say

He walked on water,

turned water into wine,

and yet

feasted with the fallen,

broke bread

with sinners and saints


and they say

He danced,

at least once


He danced…


we strive to catch the cadence

of His slow waltz

those gentle steps

that rock and sway


dance away

dance away


lead me, lace me

within your Sacred embrace

and dance me home

to your heart of mercy and grace


Pat Wenger  -  March 2012


Fabric Art by Pat Wenger