Pender Harbour Sermons

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Title Speaker Date Series
A Creation Story Larry Kozlof 2018-05-13 General Topics
Persistent Faith Larry Kozlof 2018-05-06 General Topics
The Rich Kingdom Larry Kozlof 2018-04-29 General Topics
Fulfillment and the Heart Larry Kozlof 2018-04-22 General Topics
Seasons of Easter - Hope Larry Kozlof 2018-04-01 Easter Series
Seasons of Easter - Life Larry Kozlof 2018-03-25 Easter Series
Wonder Larry Kozlof 2018-03-18 How Then Shall We Live
Committed Larry Kozlof 2018-03-11 How Then Shall We Live
In Pursuit of Glory Larry Kozlof 2018-03-04 How Then Shall We Live
In Light of Eternity Larry Kozlof 2018-02-25 How Then Shall We Live
During a move of God Larry Kozlof 2018-02-18 Beware the Counterfeits
I AM Larry Kozlof 2018-02-11 Beware the Counterfeits
Be Ready Larry Kozlof 2018-02-04 Beware the Counterfeits
Reform vs. Conform Larry Kozlof 2018-01-28 Beware the Counterfeits
Life and Death Larry Kozlof 2018-01-21 Beware the Counterfeits
New Territory - The Specifics Larry Kozlof 2018-01-14 General Topics
Word for 2018 Larry Kozlof 2018-01-07 General Topics
The Holy Spirit and You Larry Kozlof 2017-02-26 Welcome Home Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit and Knowledge Larry Kozlof 2017-02-19 Welcome Home Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit in the church today Larry Kozlof 2017-02-05 Welcome Home Holy Spirit