Pender Harbour Sermons

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Title Speaker Date Series
Chooses to Love Larry Kozlof 2019-04-14 The Irresistible Life
Humbles Itself Larry Kozlof 2019-04-07 The Irresistible Life
Spiritual Self Feeder Larry Kozlof 2019-03-31 The Irresistible Life
Keeps Learning Larry Kozlof 2019-03-24 The Irresistible Life
Lives in Honesty Larry Kozlof 2019-03-17 The Irresistible Life
Healthy Relationships Larry Kozlof 2019-03-10 The Irresistible Life
Hunger for the Presence Larry Kozlof 2019-03-03 The Irresistible Life
Traditions Larry Kozlof 2019-02-24 Sticky Notes
Habits/Routines Larry Kozlof 2019-02-17 Sticky Notes
Sin Larry Kozlof 2019-02-10 Sticky Notes
Labeled Larry Kozlof 2019-02-03 Sticky Notes
Let's talk about tomorrow Larry Kozlof 2019-01-31 What's in a year?
On Judgement and Forgiveness Special Guest 2019-01-20 General Topics
What Now? Larry Kozlof 2019-01-13 What's in a year?
Purpose Larry Kozlof 2019-01-06 What's in a year?
It's Been a Year Larry Kozlof 2018-12-30 What's in a year?
The Better Brother Larry Kozlof 2018-12-23 The Faces of Advent
Uninvited Guests Larry Kozlof 2018-12-16 The Faces of Advent
Grandmother Larry Kozlof 2018-12-09 The Faces of Advent
The Wise Uncle Larry Kozlof 2018-12-02 The Faces of Advent