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Lead Pastor


Pender Harbour Community Church has begun a search for our next Lead Pastor.  Keep our board and search committee in prayer as they work through the process. For wisdom and clarity on each step.  






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“Welcome Home”

The statement Welcome Home speaks to the heart of Jesus to welcome all people to into his promise of enduring love and community.  What we refer to as the 'Family of God'.  The image we like to speak of here is taken from the story of the Prodigal son found in Luke 15.  As the son returned home after taking his promise of inheritence and spoiling it, his father ran to him and welcomed him home.  We believe this is how Jesus greets us as we come to him, running to us saying "Welcome Home."


Our Mission

Love God - We exist, as any church should, to first love God. We believe that every decision should be based on this love, and each action surrounded by it. Part of our mission is to live out this love of God, by walking in the following capacities.

Love Others - We believe there is no clearer way to define the love we have for God, than to show this love to others. That being judgemental and harsh is not how Jesus deals with us and it is not the way the church should live or act toward any other person.  

Live in Grace - Finally we exist to show the truth that grace is for all. As people with incredibly diverse backgrounds and wonderful stories we believe Jesus is calling everyone, to come receive grace, and then to live within it giving it freely to others.


We are affiliated with the Pentecostal of Assemblies of Canada